s-l300Lipogaine is an effective way of treating hair loss. It stimulates the growth of hair and also helps in reducing the DHT level. It is a combination of hair growth stimulators, vitamins, and DHT blockers. Lipogaine is an herbal blend of vitamins and DHT blockers which is a whole package to fight hair loss. The popular site http://www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/hair-loss/ss/slideshow-womens-hair-loss gives us a better insight into the different causes of hair loss in women. Hair fall has become a serious problem with men and women equally. Nowadays we find the younger generation also suffering from hair fall, unlike the yesteryears only people who cross their fifties had hair loss. There are many reasons for hair fall, stress, diabetics, lack of vitamins and high DHT level. The most common reason for hair fall is DHT. A balanced diet which is rich in vitamin is essential for the growth of hair.
There are many different types of hair treatments found in the market. Minoxidil is an effective ingredient which is approved by the FDA for regrowth of hair. We find many reviews on the internet, regarding the effectiveness of lipogaine.
The main reason for hair loss is a high level of DHT. DHT comes in contact with the hair follicles of the hair root blocking the root from getting the basic nutrients for the hair to nature and grow. In fact, the DHT makes the hair feeble and thus hair fall occurs. Lipogaine is the only product that helps to reduce the DHT level and stimulate hair growth. Lipogaine combines minoxidil and natural DHT reducing ingredients which are very helpful in the treatment of hair fall.
If you want to find the effectiveness of the product, you can search for reviews. The method of applying lipogaine is very simple, just apply to dry hair and keep it for a maximum of three hours and then wash your hair. For the product to work effectively, it has to stay in your head for at least 3 hours. A dropper application is available with the product which makes it easy to apply. Take the dropper and fill it with required amount of lipogaine and move in the dry area of hair fall. Apply the liquid to the scalp and not to the hair, it has to touch the scalp for best results. Give a nice rub with the help of your fingers, for best results you can apply lipogaine and leave it overnight and wash your hair in the morning. There is no specific smell or stink in lipogaine. Use it ones per day for best results. Lipogaine has separate products for men and women because the concentration is lesser for women. For men, 5% of minoxidil solution is used but for women, it is 2%. The reason for the lesser amount of minoxidil in women is due to the side effects are more because of their sensitivity.

The side effects might be itching of the scalp for some people. Contact to the eye should be avoided because it contains alcohol. Compared to other products the side effects are very minimal.

Lipogaine Review-The Best Way To Regain Hair
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