The Right Cosmetic Surgeon – How To Decide?

After a lot of deliberation, the decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is finally made. Now is the time to choose the cosmetic surgeon. How does one go about picking the top candidate like,, from a long list of surgeons? The first and most important aspect as per is board certificated surgeon or one who is a member of recognized organization. A doctor who is certified by all of them must be given preference.  A vital step here is to confirm that the academic qualification, licenses, and certification of the surgeon are authentic. Check their previous work to be more confident and satisfied.

A more cautious practice here would be to look for any lawsuits, penal or legal actions being taken against the surgeons that have been shortlisted. Next, make a list of all the certified cosmetic surgeons that specialize in the procedure that needs to be undertaken. Interview each one of them to get a feel for the comfort level. Qualification is good, but being extremely at ease with the person who is going to make changes to the body is equally important.

The aim here is not to pick the best cosmetic surgeon. The goal is to find the right cosmetic surgeon that fits the needs. With cosmetic surgery being an extremely competitive field many clinics and surgery providers are touted as the best. What one needs to look for is a surgeon who has fellowship training i.e. specialized training in the particular procedure. Now that the background check has been done and one has the pinpointed the surgeons that feel more right, an easy way to cut down the list of choices is to ask for personal recommendations. Ask around in the circle of friends, families, and colleagues if someone had a similar or same procedure done. Someone who has gone through cosmetic surgery will be able to give a more detailed and expansive answer to who is the right and top surgeon. In cases where this is the first foray into cosmetic surgeon in the entire circle of people, ask the family doctor for references. Members of the medical field have a more thorough knowledge than others. To gain more information about the actual operating skills of surgeon ask your doubts, queries, and questions to a nurse who works in the operating room or surgical technician.

Do not narrow down the option to just one surgeon when it comes to consultation. Consult at least two doctors and ask them a similar set of questions. Then compare the answers from the two surgeons to get to the final choice. Some key questions to ask would be:

The cost of the entire procedure. Get a detailed, all-inclusive and broken down quote so that there are no hidden costs.  Ask for before and after pictures, videos of patients who have had the same procedure.  Don’t forget to talk about the expertise of the surgeon.  As it is your face and body that is at risk, it is vital that you do a thorough enquiry and homework before finalizing the best cosmetic surgeon to get back the youthful look.

Various Beautiful Home Bar Design Ideas


One of the important considerations for people who own a large collection of liquor and wine bottles is the space requirement. There are various beautiful and creative ideas to design your home bar. There are various types of furniture available that offer an elegant look to your home bar. There are different styles of home bars available in the market. The website offers you with various furniture options for your home bar. The wine bars are generally made up of oak, walnut, cherry wood and metals. You can know more about the latest home bar design ideas from the website

The following are the various types of design and furniture types for your home bars. These bars design will definitely enrich your home bar.

Types Of Bar Styles
You need to decide on the style of furniture you need for your home bar. There are various styles of furniture for your home bar that suits your home. There are styles which look simple and require less space. Certain styles are elaborate and look large and expensive. You need to consider the following features before you choose a furniture style for your home bar.

· A Wine Rack
· A closed Storage
· Refrigerator Space
· Foot Railing
· Wine glass storage

A Straight Front Bar
This type of bar style requires furniture which can accommodate the guest on one side and the bartender on the other side who serves the wine to the guests. A straight bar includes a flat serving counter and also contains storage cabinets to store your wine bottles. It also holds additional shelves for storage purposes. A cherry wood home bar is a perfect option for a front bar. You can also go for an L-shaped cherry wood home bar which offers a bar experience to your home bar.

A Back Bar
A back bar gives the atmosphere of a pub to your home bar. The furniture of the back bar holds a counter top, shelves and wine rack. You can use a back bar along with the straight bar. A cherry wood Howard Miller Piedmont Wine and spirits back bar is a perfect choice.

A Corner Bar
This type of bar is most preferred by home bar lovers. This style is of great use when you have space constraints. You can use the furniture to fit into the corner of the room so that the space of the room is utilized effectively. This type of bar is designed in such a way that it is located away from the living space.

A Folding Bar
It is a great option to choose a folding or swing type bar for your home. This style also helps to save the space available in the room. The swinging bar furniture can be extended when required, which looks like a standard home bar. The extra storage space with the swinging bar can be folded when not in use.

A Hide Home Bar
This type of bar lets you hide your bar set up from others. You need to open the door to view the home bar. You can protect your wine from dust and other effects.

The above are the various stunning home bar styles available in the market to enhance the look of your home bar.

Check Out The Advantages Of The Wim Hof Method

wimhof method

Are you intrigued by the Wim Hof method which is said to work wonders on your immune system? Or are you a sceptic who wonders how much can ‘pushing your boundaries’ help in enhancing your sense of well-being? Whichever category you belong to, it is an undeniable fact that this technique has caught the attention of the world. If you are totally new to this method, you can go through a review of wim’s course here.

According to, several types of research are going on to study the effect of the Wim Hof method on the cardiovascular system and nervous system. We have gathered some points with to give you a better understanding of the benefits of actively pursuing this approach. This is not an exhaustive list, but we have attempted to cover all the important details.

Sense of well-being
Practising this method regularly with dedication is known to have several health benefits. It improves your immune system and brings about a change in your core body temperature. It also helps you to achieve better sleep quality, burn more fat, have more strength and stamina and to reduce stress. A boost in the energy level is also generally reported by people who follow this technique ardently. By providing relief from inflammation, it has helped many to beat their inflammatory diseases apart from conditions that affect the mind and autoimmune system.

Helps overcome addictions
Cocaine is famous for its addictive properties and notorious for the damage it does to your body and bank balance. It blocks the reuptake of some neurotransmitters like dopamine, serotonin, etc. The Win Hof method also releases these neurotransmitters – in a more controlled way – helping the addicts overcome their problem with a healthy and easy technique. This method has no reported side-effects, making it safe to use as a de-addiction method.

Beats obesity
Researchers believe that the presence of a high concentration of brown fat (mitochondria-rich brown adipose tissue) is perhaps the secret behind Wim Hof’s stamina and vitality. This kind of brown fat is seen in infants when they are born and protects them during the first few moments after their birth. It is believed that we will lose this brown fat eventually as we grow older. But in Wim Hof’s case, the continuous exposure to cold is supposed to have replenished this concentration of this adipose tissue which helps him in burning fat more efficiently. This ultimately translates into a lean and healthy body.

Better immunity and energy
Continuous inhalation and exhalation which makes up Wim Hof’s breathing techniques can move your diaphragm as well as your lymphatic drainage system to clear out the toxins from your body. It also fills your system with oxygen that will give you that much-needed boost of energy. Repeated cold exposure improves your circulatory system and lowers inflammation in your body. All this significantly affects your immune system in a positive way and leads to a stress-free life.

Following the Wim Hof’s method has many more advantages. More importantly, it can save you the money spent on health care and general wellness. So, take a deep breath and go for it!