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NOTICE: All rules and regulations set forth herein, and any other rules or requirements that have been published by MAY VALLEY SPEEDWAY were designed to provide fair competition, equal car preparation for the orderly conduct of racing events. These rules shall govern the condition of all MVS events and persons attending must comply with these rules and adhere to the decisions of the track officials. All MVS rules are intended as a guide for the sport and no expressed or implied warranty of safety shall result from these rules and in no way are they a guarantee against injury or death to participants, spectators, or others



1. Minimum age limit in the pits is three (3) years and older. All pit passes are the same price regardless of age. Children under three (3) must have their legal guardian obtain special permission from the track promoter to be in the pits. All children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult. All persons entering the pits will purchase a pit pass and receive a wrist bank, must sign the insurance release form each race night. All racing participants under eighteen (18) years of age must have a notarized minor’s release form on file. Children in the pits may be escorted to the grandstands should they appear to be a problem with unsafe or careless behavior. where to trade binary options

2. Any persons indulging in intoxicating beverages before entering the race premises may be denied entry into the pits, and drinking of alcoholic beverages while in attendance is strictly forbidden. Any persons displaying evidence of having consumed alcoholic beverages before or during race meet, may have their pit passes taken away and be escorted from the premises, fined, suspended, or both.

3. Any persons found fighting or causing a disturbance of any kind in the pits or on the race track grounds may be suspended for one week or more. Second time offenders may be barred indefinitely from any or all race meets.

4. No persons shall subject any track official, security guard, or employee of MVS to foul language, abuse, or ridicule at any time. They are subject to immediate arrest by the authorities and will be charged as such, and fined and/or barred from the race track premises indefinitely at the discretion of the track owner.

5. Any person found engaging in malicious mischief, stealing, or destroying the property of the race track or of persons in attendance will be subject to arrest and charges preferred to obtain a conviction. what is trading binary options

6. Track officials have the right to inspect any car for safety or legality of rules at any time while it is on the race track grounds. Officials may inspect, weigh, or demand a tear down of any car, and if it is found to be unsafe or illegal, the car and driver may be penalized or may not be allowed to participate until corrections are made and permission is given by track officials.

7. 5 MPH speed limit in the pits. Violators will be subject to point and/or cash fines. Race fans, always keep alert of moving traffic in the pit area.

8. It is the sole responsibility of the car owner and/or driver to be sure that his car is legal, safe, and ready to race according to regulations set forth by the track. The car owner/and driver is responsible for the actions of all crew members, their discipline and attire, and shall be the sole spokesman thereof in any debate with track officials.

9. Drivers, pit crew, and related parties do not belong on the race track or in restricted areas such as pit shack, concession stand, timing booth, or in other driver’s faces, etc. Drivers, stay in your car while on the race track unless told to get out. If your car is disabled during the race and you cannot exit, go to the infield area. If you are a safe distance from the track you may get out of your car and move to the infield immediately.

10. ANY DRIVER FOUND boasting, now or later, about their rough or irresponsible driving antics the track officials didn't see happening, just might be subject to fines or suspension by the May Valley Speedway Advisory Board.

11. Un-sportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated from drivers, crew, or related parties. Violators will face the following: Minimum of 10 and up to 200 points lost and/or finished racing for the day and/or barred from future events and/or up to $500 fine per person. Drivers, pit crew, or related parties fighting in the pits will have an automatic suspension from future events, minimum or one race day - maximum of total season. Drivers, whether you think you are in the right or in the wrong, keep control of your emotions. Stuff usually happens differently than what you first thought. what is the binary options market


Driver/Car Owner's Responsibilities

CAR DRIVERS/OWNERS will be held responsibe for their pit crews, family members, and related parties. Any unhappy person wishing to whine, complain, or express a grievance or debate an issue with May Valley Speedway and track officials may do ONLY by writing legibly and mailing to May Valley Speedway, 8227 Road SS, Lamar, Colorado. This must be postmarked NO LATER than 48 hours following the conclusion of the scheduled race night. All grievances will be reviewed by May Valley Speedway's Advisory Committee and will be replied to.

ANY car and driver that stops on or within the track area to complain or debate any issue with a track official will be immediately disqualified for the night. The car will be immediately loaded on the trailer. Any further disturbance from driver, pit crew, family members, or related parties will result in the immediate expulsion from May Valley Speedway grounds and will be subject to fines and/or loss of racing privileges.


1. Any injury at the track must be reported to at least one of the following: track promoter, pit steward or tech inspector before leaving the premises.

2. Do not make statements to doctors and hospitals that MAY VALLEY SPEEDWAY will pay for your bills. This may not be true. Track owner and/or their insurance company may not consider your bill for compensation to be a just claim. Claims must be made by the injured person or next of kin. Remember you are responsible for doctors and hospital bills, if you do not have a just claim.

3. Claim forms must be filled out completely and returned to MAY VALLEY SPEEDWAY promoter, Don Woller, within 10 days from date of accident. Claim forms are available at the ticket booth.

4. Any driver injured during a MAY VALLEY SPEEDWAY sanctioned race meet will be required to obtain a release from a physician before they will be allowed to drive again. Any driver arriving with an injury from another source must obtain approval from a physician before he can drive in a MAY VALLEY SPEEDWAY sanctioned meet.

5. Track insurance does not and never has paid ambulance fees. This cost, if incurred, is your responsibility.

6. Neither the track or the owner will be responsible for any damage to personal property or vehicles on the premises at any time.


Rain Dates: For information about the current scheduled events, weather conditions, updates, any cancellations, or rescheduling, call the MAY VALLEY SPEEDWAY hotline and get the current facts, 719-336-9407.

In case of rain out: After racing has begun, the following day will automatically be the rain date, Sunday's green flag - 3 pm, unless otherwise stated If events have been completed to intermission before a rain out, the race day will be considered completed. If races are cancelled prior to intermission all points, monies, trophies will be forfeited for the evening. Be sure all persons entering the pit sign a release form. Only the persons who have signed in will be the ones who get back in at no charge.


Winnings will be available for pick up at the pit shack during registration at the following week’s races or at Woller Auto Parts no sooner than the Friday following the race.

Registration and Number: Econo Cars, Hobby Stock, Mini Stock, Super Stocks, and Hobby Trucks that participate in a race meet at MAY VALLEY SPEEDWAY must be registered and be assigned a number at the speedway for a fee of $25 for each racing season. To help in the scoring, one or 2 digit car numbers only. Car numbers will be based on a first paid basis. Previous year car numbers will be kept open until season's test & tune night, the last Saturday of April.

The minimum driver’s age (except Mini Stocks) is 16 years old by August 10. All drivers under the age of 18 years of age must have a written consent and signed minor’s release form on file from their parents or legal guardian. The minor’s release form must be notarized. These forms are available at the pit shack. The minimum age for Mini Stocks is 14 years old by June 20.

Cars left inside the pit area will be under lock & key. Pits will be open from 9:00am - 5:45 pm Sunday for car removal. Cars can be left at the track but please park them out of the way. In case of rain, we would appreciate it if the pits weren’t rutted up.


All cars that start a racing event will receive points, regardless or their finishing or dropping out position. All cars signed in and present will receive 5 points. If there is a rain out, all cars signed in will receive additional 15 points for their effort.

Points: Will go to the registered cars in all classes. A driver may substitute a replacement car prior to the first event in his class. He must notify the pit steward of his change and put his number on the car. All cars with perfect attendance will receive a 20 point bonus at the end of the year. Season top point car driver receives free pit admission to the next year’s racing season at MAY VALLEY SPEEDWAY

Points will not be transferred between classes of cars. If for some reason a car moves into a different class, the car will still receive its attendance record. The points from the old class will still be kept in that class and points in the new class will start from zero.


There will be NO CAR ENTRY FEES.

Pit passes are $25 each for everyone, regardless of age. General admission is $10.00 for 14 years and older, 6 years through 13 years are $5, 5 years and under are FREE.

Pits and gates will open at 4:00 pm. We want the cars at the track as soon as possible to avaoid a bottle neck at the last minute.

Pill Draw - All drivers report to the Pit Tow4er, which opens at 5 PM, and draw a pill for your starting position before 5:45 pm.

Racing will start at 6:30 pm regardless of the track condition and should be completed by 10:00 pm.

Packing the track: ALL CARS will assist to pack in the track surface. At 5:35 pm a selected class wll be called to pack. If you were called and don't pack when called, you will start in the rear of all events. Pack cars with big tires are allowed to be substituted for race cars. When a driver has 2 cars, he must pack with the higher class car. Keep in mind, if you don't pack, you start in the rear. Track officials are exempt. Hot laps will be run time permitting.

Any late car entry, 5:45 pm or later will start in the rear of all events.

Car will only compete in the one class it is registered in. One class per car.

Car substitution: Should a substitute or replacement car take the place of any car that raced the previous race night program, this car will start in the rear in the Main Event.

If a Main Event or semi-main is stopped with 1 or less laps remaining, it will be called completed and as the cars last crossed the start/finish line on the previous green lap will be the final finishing positions.

Drivers: Pay attention to your position and help keep the show rolling. Be courteous to other drivers both on and off the track. Remember, it takes a good driver to avoid mishaps.

Main Event Driver Substitution: May Valley Speedway uses a unique process of establishing the Main Event line ups. This process not only provides suspense and excitement for both drivers and fans, but it brings the best drivers out on top as the point leaders, only because they work and earn it! Main Event line ups are established from the previously completed Main Event based on the car's capability and the registered driver's skills. All cars that complete the Mains without spinouts, wrecks, pit stops, or mechanical problems are inverted for the next week's Main Event. The rest are aligned behind according to their finishing position New cars and drivers are placed in the rear. Registered drivers are required to drive their car in Main Events! If a driver change must be made, the Pit Steward MUST be notified prior to intermission. This car and driver will be repositioned in the rear. If a driver attempts to replace another driver and doesn't notify the Pit Steward for the Main Event and is not repositioned, will be disqualified. Car and driver will forfeit winnings and points earned for the Main Event!! THIS WILL BE ENFORCED!!

A car may pit at any time, red, yellow, or green flags. However, they will start in the rear after SAFELY coming back on.

There are a limited number of reserved assigned parking places with a 9’ x 18’ cement slab, water, and electricity. The cost is $60 per season or $10 per night.

If you are late for the line-up at the start grid, depending upon the flagman’s discretion you might start at the rear. If you have problems that hinder your entering an event, please tell the pit steward.

In case of an accident, only track officials and authorized emergency personnel are allowed on the track. All car assessments or repairs will be made in the pit area. ABSOLUTELY NO unauthorized pit personnel on the track during yellows, reds, or at any time after the program has begun.

Check your lug nuts. They will work loose.

Check your seat belts. Make sure they are secure and aren’t rotten.


1. Flags and lights: Flagman has control of cars when on the race track. When all lights are off, get ready to race.

2. Starting a race: Drivers pay attention to the lights, flagman, and to your position at the start/finish line. When the lights go off, bring the cars up to racing speed. Stay bunched together. The flagman will give the green around turn 3 or 4 when the pack looks good. You may pass a lagging car. If your screw up the starts more than once, you might be placed in the rear.

3. Spin Outs: Any driver that spins out more than twice in a night or seems out of control, is subject and most likely will be black flagged. Because you’re a danger to others and can create costly damage to race cars, take your time, avoid over driving. Relax and have fun. Any driver that continues to drive in a reckless manner or out of control will lose their racing privileges.

4. Yellow Caution Flag: Cautiously cease to race! Don’t lock up the brakes and create a wreck. Slow down to 15 mph. An orange cone will be placed on the back straightaway. All cars will pass the cone on the outside. Any car that passes beneath the cone will go to the back of the pack. NO EXCECPTIONS. If necessary you will be re-aligned according to the last green crossing of the start/finish line. Pay attention to the flagman. If you caused the yellow, you will be put to the back even if you’re involved in the incident that caused the yellow you also, upon the track officials discretion, could be put in the back, too. Yellow laps don’t count.

5. Restarts: When the track is clear all the lights will go off, bring the cars up to racing speed, single file. When the leader gets to the cone, either the green or the yellow light will come on. ABSOLUTELY NO PASSING untill after passing the cone!! cause a may be put in the rear!!

6. Conduct: MAY VALLEY SPEEDWAY has a track advisory board. Following the races they discuss the evening’s events. Should there be a problem brought up, it will be evaluated and handled as seen fit. Remember, stock car racing is a family sport and lots of fun and excitement. Let’s all do our best to keep it fun for all.

NOTE: Any car that has a loose part that looks like it may fall off or become detached and create a safety hazard to others will be black flagged. Flat tires will be black flagged.


Green: Race immediately!

White with a black X: One lap left.

Checkered: You have completed the event and will be scored accordingly.

Yellow: Be alert! There is blockage or debris or a danger somewhere on the track. Quit racing, slow down to 15 mph, single file, continue to flag stand for realignment. Try to keep track of your position as you last crossed the start/finish line under green.

Red: The track is not safe to race on. All cars stop where you are. NOW!! NOT A HALF LAP LATER...Pay attention. Realize danger. Proceed at 5 mph on inside or outside groove of the track, single file to start line. Stop then for a restart. Do not block the track for emergency vehicles.

Black: (Rolled up and pointed) you are a danger or a hindrance to others, correct your driving habits. (Waving black and then pointed) you are disqualified from event, go directly to the pits. The pit officials will tell you why if you ask them. Your disqualification may be either driving or a safety problem with your car. You may be able to continue racing, depending on the official’s discretion.

Protest forms and claim forms are available at the pit shack - See rulebook and USE THEM!!